Ucrete Flooring solutions
Ucrete Flooring solutions

Fountech is the authorized Distributor, applicator and contractor for Ucrete flooring systems in Bangladesh From BASF Bangladesh ltd.

We have High skill and trained application team and Civil engineers for projects supervisor. We are working with Ucrete from 2009 to till, almost maximum multinational and top national company already our regular client. We are regular trained our application team for excellence. Please visit our client list.

Ucrete® MF

Heavy/Medium duty polyurethane hybrid flooring system


Ucrete MF is a single layer, seamless, solvent- free, polyurethane flooring system with a smooth matt surface finish. It has high impact resistance and withstands abrasive wear and a wide spectrum of chemicals.


Ucrete MF is recommended for conditions requiring the maximum chemical resistance and where a smooth, even and easy to clean surface is required.

Specific applications include:

Textile and film plants

Food and beverage production

Warehousing and storage

Confectionery production

Electronic component manufacture & assembly

Pharmaceutical production

Chemical plants


Expert application - Installed only by trained and approved specialist contractors.

Fast application /rapid access - Can be applied to 4-day-old concrete/2-day-old polymer screeds.

Short curing time - 8 hour access to foot traffic; 24 hours for vehicles.

Hygienic/Safe - Non-tainting, non-dusting, monolithic (minimum joints); easy to maintain; microbiologically inert.

Durable/long life - Wide chemical resistance; wear and impact resistant; resists cleaning temperature up to 80°C at 6 mm thickness and at 3mm to 60 °C; 25 years of international use.

Pre-packed - Pre-weighed/pre-packed for immediate use; batch-to-batch colour matched for consistency.

Colours - Yellow, Cream, Orange, Red, Green and Grey.


Ucrete MF has approval for use as flooring for HACCP accredited facilities. 


Usage Area Advantages
Pharmaceuticals Seamless/Joint less
Food processing & beverages High Chemical Resistant
Hospitals Solvent free, Hygienic & Food grade
Chemicals & Engineering Antistatic, Dusty free & Anti Corrosive
Hotel, Cafeteria, Kitchen Anti bacterial/Anti micro bial/Anti fungal
Wearhouse Slip Resistant & Easy to Clean
Any kinds of heavy load areas Long lasting/Durable & Economical
Textile & any kinds of Industries High impact resistance