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Fountech Waterproofing Solutions:

As an independent company, we can choose the appropriate products to suit the large variety of waterproofing. We can save money and protect clients with expert basement,roof and wall waterproofing design. Fountech install external and internal basement, roof, wall waterproofing in Bangladesh. 

We have as regular customers numerous Architects, Engineers and Building contractors. Fountech take over full responsibility and liability for the basement roof and wall waterproofing solutions. This is backed by specific waterproofing professional indemnity insurance. Fountech then supply and install the deck, wall, roof and basement waterproofing so there is no split responsibility this is backed by our full products insurance. 
This is not available to most waterproofing contractors to give.

Fountech,is the Authorized Distributor, contractor and Applicator of BASF Bangladesh LTD for Master Builders Solutions.


At Waterproofing Systems Fountech, we understand that one of the major challenges for designers, engineers and construction companies alike is to protect buildings from the damaging effects of water.  Our philosophy recognises that while waterproofing protection can be a relatively minor component of overall construction costs, it is a vital ingredient to successful project completion and determines the building's longevity.  We also understand that our stakeholders are looking for "tried & true" systems, and that one of the critical ingredient of any system is the installation.

Our business activities include providing solutions to Architects, Builders and support to our customers. Our support staff are all experienced in the application of our products so can give you first-hand experienced solutions to your waterproofing needs which is very important to be able to transfer the site experience to an architects office.

Waterproof or water-resistant describes objects unaffected by water or resisting water passage, or which are covered with a material that resists or does not allow water passage. Such items may be used in wet environments or under water. Waterproofing describes making an object waterproof or water-resistant.Waterproofing is a method by which an item is made resistant to damage by water.  Waterproofing is the formation of an impervious barrier which is designed to prevent water entering or escaping from various sections of building design construction or structures and construction project management.

 Our MASTERSEAL waterproofing systems are designed to stop water ingress through surfaces in order to prevent damage to occupied spaces and to equipment located below. Besides waterproofing based on bitumen and cement, we offer polyurethane and polyaspartic based membrane systems.

Polymermodified coating for spray and hand application. To protect buildings and structures, our versatile waterproofing systems are suitable for all major buildings such as park decks, bridge decks, reservoirs, ETP and secondary containment as well as for basements, below-ground structures and underwater structures.Fountech is one of the best waterproofing suppliers and contractor in bangladesh.

We are supplier in Bangladesh for Construction Chemicals,Epoxy Coatings,PU Flooring,Water proofing Membrane,Grouts and others all construction chemicals.

Waterproofing Contractor Team & skilled stuff in all sections.


Waterproofing Product Data Sheet:

  • MasterSeal 550

  • MasterSeal 551

  • MasterSeal HLM5000