Decorative Floor
Decorative Floor

Fountech provide one stop solution for decorative concrete systems, Exerior Hardscapes, Custom Interior & Commercial decorative Flooring. Fountech systems with truly unlimited color, texture, design and pattern options, provide the ideal choice for homes, Appartment, retail store, Restaurants, shopping malls, School, College, Office and other high traffic, Interior & Exterior applications where exclusive, durable, esthetic is required.

Interier applications:

Residential flooring

Commercial flooring

Garage floor coating

Industrial flooring

Exterior Applications:

Decorative concrete finish

Concrete surface restoration

Pool deck coating and finish

Flooring systems:

Metallic Epoxy flooring 

Metallic polyurea /polyaspatric flooring

Color chips

Flake systems

Stamp/ Imprint  concrete

Acid stainned

Chem stainned

High gloss reflector flooring

Outdoor UV registant coating

Stancil systems

Architectural decorative floor finish

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